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Computer Support, Network Services - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange
Email & Spam Protection - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange

Email & Spam Protection

Email is an essential communication tool in today’s business world. Our firewall, scanning and archiving expertise ensures the protection of this vital line of communication, and allows your business to thrive.

Business Continuity Planning - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange

Business Continuity Planning

If you’re faced with a technology disaster, what will become of your data? Transitional Technologies Inc ensures that it’s backed up daily, and creates a strategic plan that allows your business to stay up and running when disaster strikes.

IT Consulting - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange

IT Consulting

Enjoy the help of expert consultants with decades of experience in the IT industry. We’ll ensure you choose the RIGHT technology that your business NEEDS, so you don’t waste precious time and money on the wrong IT.

Managed IT Services - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange

Managed IT Services

Prevent IT problems before they start, lower costs, and forget about your technology altogether. Transitional Technologies Inc will handle the day-to-day operations of your IT department, so you can concentrate on your business.

Why Choose Us?

Most conventional IT support providers work on the basis that you call - and pay for - a technician to help you out when problems arise. But at Transitional Technologies, we do things differently. You simply pay one low flat monthly rate, and for that we continually monitor and manage your entire network infrastructure, checking around the clock to make sure there are no potential hiccups on the horizon. If we spot anything that could cause disruption to your business, we’ll deal with it before it gets the chance. Of course, if anything does slip through the cracks and you encounter a problem, we’ll be on it in a flash - in fact, in an hour or less guaranteed. All of this means your business gets to benefit from a combination of enhanced uptime and reliability, and reduced, more predictable technology expenditure. And of course, we’ll talk to you in a language you understand rather than using technical jargon, and we guarantee your absolute satisfaction with every job we undertake for you. Sound good? We think so too.

Richard Hollander,
President, Transitional Technologies, Inc.

IT Consulting, Computer Support, Network Services - Louisville, Lexington, La Grange

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I can't say enough wonderful things about Transitional Technologies! We now live in the age of computers, connected to the internet, connected to the 'Cloud', etc. Our business is very computer-oriented; computers are a must these days for most businesses. The computer age is continually changing and if it weren't for the expertise and knowledge of Transitional Technologies, I honestly don't know what we would do. If they did not exist, all of my time would be spent trying to figure out, 'how in the world am I supposed to do this?', as opposed to being a manager and running our business.

It has been my experience in the past, that being a business/people person and trying to communicate with a computer expert can be challenging and very frustrating at times. Transitional Technologies has been our IT group for over 8 years and they have always been so easy to work with. They have always been able to talk me through anything. They are so calm and have talked me off the edge of a cliff more than once, when I thought I had just destroyed an enormous amount of information. If it is an issue that cannot be handled over the phone they come to our office and take care of it. If we need new upgrades, cables run, etc, they are here right away. I don't know how I would have been able to run our business without them.


Heather Turns,
Owner/General Manager
Doerr Animal Clinic, Louisville, KY

Our tech issue was handled promptly and the fix went beyond my expectations. We’re very happy having Transitional Technologies handle all our computer and phone support needs.


Ken Stoess,
SNA Insurance, Crestwood, KY

The location of my computer monitor caused me to have pain in my right shoulder and arm because everything was set up on the left side of my desk. My office is small and is set up so that I have meetings with guests in client chairs directly in front of me. My large flat screen monitor was setup off to the side so the people I meet with were not behind the monitor. When I started having a pinch in my neck, shoulder and back from being twisted all day, I mentioned it to Richard Hollander at Transitional Technologies, and he set me up with a special arm bracket for my large flat screen monitor. It is now at the right level in front of me, but allows me to swing the monitor to the side so as not to interfere with my meetings. Thanks for setting me up to work more comfortably; it makes a big difference!


Kim Buckler Hydes,
Executive Director
Oldham KY Tourism & Conventions
Crestwood, KY

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At Transitional Technologies, we have one simple mission - to simplify your IT network, relieve you of your technology hassles and let you rest in the knowledge that you have a support provider working proactively by your side to ensure that your computer systems work with you, rather than against you. In LaGrange and the surrounding areas, business owners rely on us to deliver IT solutions that provide greater uptime and free them up to focus on growing and developing their companies. If you dream of the day when you can get on with your job without having to constantly firefight broken printers, malware infestations or network downtime, it’s about time we talked - the Transitional Technologies team is waiting to help.

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