Our Clients

Mary Schott

We are extremely grateful to him and highly recommend his company.

We have used the services of Richard Hollander at Transitional Technologies since March of 2013. Richard has been there for us with everything we have needed and handled all of our requests and questions professionally and in a timely manner! I know we have tested his patience because of our lack of knowledge when it comes to technical issues, but he never showed frustration! We have had absolutely no issues with viruses since we have been using Transitional Technologies and we feel confident with leaving all of our IT systems under Richard’s care and control! We are extremely grateful to him and highly recommend his company. Thank you Richard!

The Gerald Schott Agency

It is comforting to know that when I have a problem, I can count on you to help me through.

I just wanted to thank you for your great service. When my system digressed to a point that I could no longer continue working, you came and once again saved the day. My business is totally dependent on my computer system and my ability to access the software, the internet and the communication between my field equipment and my office equipment. In the summer, my busiest time of year, I can ill-afford to lose a day of work. Your prompt attention allowed me to continue my business without missing a beat. Being able to deal one on one with you, and your willingness to jump into a problem has saved me more than once. It is comforting to know that when I have a problem, I can count on you to help me through.


You are truly amazing.

Thank you so much for saving my data off of my old computer. This is the second computer that you have resurrected for me. You are truly amazing.

Virginia Hart

One of the reasons our company has flourished.

Richard Hollander with Transitional Technologies has supported Eventualities since 2006. He has always been there for us and we can always count on him. Customer service can not be beat! As our company has grown and changed so had our IT needs. Transitional Technologies has made sure that our systems are up to date and able to grow with the companies ever changing needs. I would refer Richard to anyone with out hesitation. He is one of the reasons our company has flourished.

Eventualities, Inc.

When Mason Construction moved locations, TTI was a great help from the first phone call about the initial move through the final installation.

Rich Hollander, President of TTI, did an initial walk through of the new location and was on site numerous times during construction to assure our needs were met. Rich was always available and able to answer any questions or concerns we had. TTI scheduled time to visit our location when the internet provider was doing the line installation, communicating with the installer about which jacks were designated for which line of service. The staff at TTI has always been courteous. Any questions I have, TTI addresses and answers them. They advise us of options and services that may be beneficial to our company. TTI cares about Mason Construction’s success.

Jerry Schott

With TTI, You Get Quick, Personal And Worry Free Service. Best Of All, TTI Actually Cares About Your Needs!

The single biggest benefit with Transitional Technologies (TTI) is we just don’t have any problems. I do not know what goes on behind the scenes but it is like having your own IT professional right in your own office. Transitional Technologies has always been responsive to our needs. When we call for help TTI is right on it either logging in remotely or coming to us. This is very different from our last vendor who often made us lug the computer to them. And with TTI, we have had NO viruses which is a big relief. When you choose TTI, you get quick, personal and worry free service. TTI is highly dependable, reliable and professional. Best of all, TTI actually cares about YOUR needs!

Gerald Schott Insurance

Steffanie Kelley

With TTI, Your Success Is Their Success!

When there is a problem, Transitional Technologies (TTI) will be there for you. TTI will personally come to your place of work.  On smaller issues they remote log into your computer to problem solve and fix issues immediately. All the while maintaining confidentiality which matters in our business.

When our local company was acquired by Abzac, TTI was there to make sure all of our technology was ready when the new owners showed up. Thanks to TTI, we were seamlessly integrated with Abzac’s technology intense operations.

If you go with Transitional Technologies you can expect personalized care from a team that is genuinely interested in the wellbeing of your company.  Your success is their success and that is a big deal!

HR Payroll Manager
Abzac Midwest

TTI's dedication to keeping us up and running!

Tax Service Express started experiencing computing problems around noon on Valentine’s Day, more importantly it was Tax Season! What started as a monitor not working escalated into our server going into an endless loop of updates that shut down all our office computers. Rich Hollander, President of Transitional Technologies (TTI) was immediately on site working to fix the server. When it became apparent that the server was in massive failure, Rich worked through the night. Rich not only restored the old server but he prepped a new server just in case. It was a good thing Rich had a contingency plan because even a restore could not save the old server. Rich had the new server installed and ready by the time we opened the next day. Tax Service Express was back in business thanks to Rich Hollander and TTI’s dedication to keeping us up and running!

Tax Service